‘Hurriyah (Freedom)’ Arabic calligraphy flip book


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Unique flip book and sleeve

Hurriyah, meaning ‘freedom’ in Arabic, originates from a calligraphic animation by lettering artist Soraya Syed. Using the visual power of words, Hurriyah is an exploration of an emotive and universal theme.

It all begins with a dot. Hurriyah – in her personified form – sets out on a transforming journey. All is initially calm but, as a storm unfolds, she blossoms into a sail, capturing the full might of the prevailing gales. As the tempest subsides, Hurriyah unravels back and eventually returns to her initial state – a dot. Her end marks the start of a new beginning.

Only 500 were produced in 2013 to accompany the Hurriyah exhibition at Leighton House Museum.

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